Making Me Happy – True Success

Happiness may be the true test of a successful life. For years I thought my worth was measured by my workplace success. I though that being a big shot would buy me love from everyone around me.

With age comes wisdom I guess. It is true that success can satisfy  a biological need. It can also afford you shiny trinkets that can make life more comfortable. Heck, we could not have purchased The Orchard, without some succeeding in our professions. But none of can bring peace to your soul.

True happiness for me is not managing a group of 20 co-workers. It is not nailing a pitch in some boardroom downtown. For me, true happiness is waking up looking at my husband. It is shuffling into the kids room to spy on them when they are sleeping. It watching them eat chocolate cake on their first b-day.

Happiness is when my sister and her family come visit for a week in the summer. It is laughing with our neighbors at our weekly bbq’s.

When all this is over, and everything starts to fade into black, I won’t remember landing that big client for ABC company. I won’t remember the time I got the promotion that I had been fighting for. I will however, remember the little league games. I will remember the family vacations. I will remember the time spent with my best friends, laughing over a glass of wine.

My parents used to tell me to slow down and smell the roses. It took until my thirties to understand what they were saying. Now I smell every flower I walk by. I remember not to step on cracks walking down the sidewalk with the kids. listen thoughtfully and intensely to everything my husband says, so I don’t miss any of his jokes or words of wisdom.

Finally, I feel I am on the path to happiness.

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