A Tale of Two Cities

My husband and I have been together for 15 years. We met at a student pub and started dating soon after. Shortly after graduation, who both land entry level jobs at big firms, moved in together and started our urban lifestyle.

The Parties

Every single weekend we were at a hip party. Warehouses, concerts, lofts, clubs, sporting events, apartments, even at parks on a Saturday afternoon as a warmup to the evenings shenanigans. We would typically get home as the sun was coming up. Sundays were our day of rest though. Pulling out the couch and watching TV. All the while dosing in and out of consciousness. A typical week, would see us out on the town three or four nights. The nights we were not running a muck, we were eating out. Typically dinner would start around 10:00pm and end by midnight.

The Trips


As our success at work grew, so did our appetite for luxury. We (or maybe I) loved our trips to Paris in the springtime. Winter trips to Hawaii. London, LA to San Fran, Amsterdam, check, check check. On a whim we would hop in the car on a Friday morning, drive upstate to a little bed and breakfast and enjoy peace and serenity for a couple of days. It’s hard to imagine doing anything “on a whim” ever again!

The Fertility Struggle

We kept up this lifestyle until about 7 years ago. There was family that seemed to envy us. We had the trendiest friends, and we knew about all the “hot spots around town”. The thing is, I was exhausted and I felt something was missing. My husband won’t admit it, but he felt a little empty as well.  We started trying to start a family, but it wasn’t taking. After about 18 months we decided to see specialist. Two and half years later we welcomed our twins into the world. Those two and years were the toughest years of my life. The drugs and hormones are bad enough but add in a couple of miscarriages along the way and life just seemed like one giant roller coaster.

The Orchard

We sold our apartment in the big city and purchased our family friendly house in the burbs. My husband likes to call it “the orchard”. We don’t have any apple trees in our yard, but I suppose it is as far from a “concrete jungle” as you can get. As I peer out the back room window, I can see my husband and our two little ones playing in the sandbox, as the neighbor’s dog barks at a squirrel.

The Trades


We traded in our trendy friends and hip lifestyle for kids and bbqs.  We traded in a BMW and a WRX for “his and hers” Honda Odyssey’s. The Orchard is where we live and play. We started swimming lessons this year. Next year it will be baseball. My husband wants to buy “the kids” a dirt bike, but that won’t happen.

Our trips to Paris are done for know as well. Disney World here we come! I have come to terms with everything we have lost, because everything we gained  trumps it all. These are tales from two cities. Our journey from Yuppies to a Nuclear family and a love story. This is The Orchard.


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