Going Organic

There was a buzzword going around are office for a while, that I never really paid attention to. To me, it was one of those words that did not affect me in the here and now. The word was organic. “I had the most fabulous organic milkshake today” I would hear. Or “those organic avocados were to die for”. Organic products did not taste that different to me. What is going on here? Another Marketing ploy?


Eating correctly when I was pregnant was a big deal for me. Twin pregnancy is considered a risk pregnancy. 53.9% of twins are born preterm. Even delivering at term is for twins is earlier than a single pregnancy (after 36 weeks). I wanted to make sure my babies were as big and strong as they could be. Eating correctly (and eating often) was my best weapon.

Organic Benefits

Airplane Spraying Pesticides

What I found through my research was that there is no evidence of nutritional benefit to eating organic food compared to conventionally grown food.  The health benefit lies in the fact that there is no pesticides, herbicides or GMO’s used with organic food. The environmental benefit is massive as well. Natural Baby has a nice write up on the strain conventional farming has on Mother Earth.

Do think find it strange that a farming process that introduces poison into our food is call “conventional”. When did it become normal to spray our land with poison? Why has it taken decades for us to listen to the silent few, screaming to be heard over the sounds of crop planes spraying fields.  I remember growing up knowing that DDT was bad. Yet I would still go to the market and purchase my apples riddled with God knows what other chemicals. Alas, the sleeping child has awakened.

The Future

I can only hope that when my children leave the nest, there won’t be any ongoing debate over Conventional vs Organic. I hope the political BS is over and done with. That the chemical companies have refocused and our doing something good for the earth.  I hope all of this as I write on an electrical typewriter. Listening to a radio plugged into the wall. Waiting for temperatures hot enough that we need to put on air conditioning. Staring out the window at my husband as he lights the barbecue.

Goodbye Bluesky, Goodbye.




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