The Night The Lights Went Out

In this day and age unintended blackouts are rare. They do happen. Some of you living on the east coast of the United States in the summer 2003 may remember the Northeast Blackout of 2003. We actually had a blast for those two days.

Darkness At The Orchard

Recently we experienced our first black out with the kids. The difference between the two experiences was night and day. Instead of grabbing every bottle of booze we could find and heading to the roof of our apartment building, we grabbed candles, and blankets and hunkered down for good old fashioned family time.

Campfire Tales

Scary Story

The kids were visibly upset that there would be no Paw Patrol or Dora available. What I could not predict was how quickly they would adapt to the situation. Paul (against my better judgment) decided that he was going to engage in the time honored tradition of storytelling. Instead of stories about fairy godmothers though, he thought the best thing to do was introduce our children to campfire tales. The children laughed it off that night, but I’m sure we will end up paying for it soon!

The Concert

I decided to take the rains but did not fair much better. I dusted off my old guitar. Spent about 30 mins tuning it and started in on some Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin. I got booed by all three of them. My daughter wanted to here “Let It Go” from Frozen (didn’t know it), and “You Can Count On Me” from Peg + Cat (nope). My son wanted to hear “Three Special Steps” from Special Agent Oso (uh uh) and what ever the song is called from Cailou (no friggin way!). All in all, another fail.

The Battle

Snowball Fight

There was snow on the ground so we figured lets take them outside and play in the snow. We made some snow angels and thought about building a snow man. The snow was a good packing snow, but there was not enough on the ground to build a good sized Frosty. On a whim I decided to pack a snowball tight and I launched it at Paul. Got him square between the eyes. I could tell that he saw red for a minute and I thought I was in bug trouble. But the kids laughed and laughed. It was the kind of laughs that came from deep in the belly. The kind that leave you gasping for air. It was priceless. Paul just said two words to me. “It’s on!”

For the next hour it was boys against girls. There were only a couple of tears shed and plenty of smiles. It seemed to wear out the kids enough. We came inside and grabbed 4 sleeping bags. I built a log cabin fire and were laid out heads down for a good nights sleep.

Where the 2003 blackout was all about the party, this one was all about family. I will remember them both for years to come.


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